A wire nose bearing is used when you want to save weight on your model and also when you want the ability to change props quickly and easily. They are not that difficult to make and cost very little. You will need some .020" or .025" music wire, two pairs of needle nose pliers, and a pair of wire cutters.

Cut a few pieces of wire to 2" and to 4" long.

Then cross the longer wire over the shorter wire as shown below.

Use your finger and wrap the longer wire around the shorter wire.

Until you have this.

Then hold it with the pliers and wrap the wire around again, but this time you want the wire to make a tight loop when looped around. Meaning that the wire makes a loop around itself kind of like the way a phone cord looks when it is relaxed, the coils touch each other, you do not want the coils to be separated like a phone cord which is stretched out.

Here it is done with one tight coil.

Then use the wire cutters to trim off the excess wire.

The next thing we need to do is straighten the loop to bring it back into line with the wire.

 To do this you will need to make a 'V' shaped piece of wire to use as the 'puller'.

Then insert it into the wire 'eye' with the 'V' hanging down, and the 'eye' pointing as shown below.

Use the needle nose pliers and hold the wire with the 'eye' as close to the 'eye' as possible (see the photo below).

Part two of bending a wire bearing.

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