Re-Release of the Illustrated Building Guide for "Olympus" Science Olympiad Model

Back in 2000 I released a plan for a Science Olympiad model I designed called the "Olympus".
The plan included a CD-Rom which was a combination photo and written instructional guide on how to build the plane. Over the years I have forgotten about the CD but recently came acrossed an original copy and plan set in my model room. I popped the CD in and starting looking it over, and the information within the CD I believe is still quite beneficial to those wanting to get into entry level indoor flying. The "Olympus" model is built from balsa and tissue, uses a 7" SIG prop assembly and on a 2 gram loop of 3/32" rubber will fly about 2 minutes in a typical gym. S.O. planes have changed a bit over the years with carbon fiber and laser cutting. This CD goes back to the way S.O. originally was, with selecting wood at a hobby shop, cutting your own stripwood, slicing ribs, and covering with tissue.

The plans that came with the CD-rom were full size, and printed on five 11 x 17 pages. I have created PDF files for each fo the pages and they can be downloaded from the links below. 
Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4
Page 5

To access the CD just click this link to the main page (but read below info first)

The CD has a few sections depending on the year. The "Original verison of the CD" it what I wrote specifically for the "Olympus" model. As the rules changed, there are section for 2003-2004, and 2004-2005, with the changes such as how to mount an Ikara prop bearing to the motorstick. Back then the changes were not that significgant so a lot of the informaiton is duplicated in those latter sections. The B division model I have not found the plans for, if I do I will post them. The B division model was smaller size and the same weight so did not fly as well. The Olympus originally had landing then when it becasme C division the following year, the weight dropped and no landing gear was needed. This is the preferred configuration and flew great. I sold a lot of those kits. The C version is the larger of the two red models in the photo above.

For more experience indoor modelers, you may be interested in these sections:
Bending a wire nose bearing
Balsa Density Calculator
Balsa Stiffness Calculator

I have checked all the pages and everything seems to be working. I had to rename some files due to sensitivity of upper case and lower case file names now that the files are on a web server. But I think I fixed them all. If you find something broken let me know. By the way, the hyperlinks to suppliers and other websites were from 20 years ago so most will no longer work. Hope you find something useful or interesting in the CD :-)

-Don Slusarczyk